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  • Fast & Convenient

    Lincoln Square Cleaners has plenty of parking. Convenient front of store pick up. Next to CitiBank. In the Lincoln Square Shopping Center. Open weekdays 8am.

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  • Lincoln Square Cleaners Oakland

    We exceed all Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA requirements.

    Since 1996, we have been using an alternative cleaning solution, DF-2000, that’s gentle on garments, leaves no chemical odor, and is not considered hazardous by the EPA.

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  • All Fabrics, Linens, Bedspreads, Leather, Uniforms

    The experts at Lincoln Square Cleaners know how to maintain the color and shape of your items.

    We are Leather experts. Our expert technicians are ready to clean and restore your favorite Leather and Suede Garments.

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  • We Specialize in Dry Cleaning and Alterations

    All items are professionally fitted and altered on site.

    Bring your wedding gown to Lincoln Square Cleaners for cleaning and preservation.

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Lincoln Square Cleaners

Professional Dry Cleaning and Alterations

4100 Redwood Rd, Oakland, Ca

(510) 531-8660

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